d-PIT Solutions has years of experience providing customers with leading virtualisation solutions. We are experts in this field and have established partnerships  with the leading virtualisation technology providers such as VMware, Microsoft and XC-ng.

Our professional team can design and deploy a virtualised solution that meets your business needs now, and as they evolve and change. In essence, virtualisation can help you towards ‘Future-Proofing' your IT infrastructure.

Our understanding of managed services ensures that any virtualisation solution we deploy will benefit from our emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. We provide the best advice and support so that the most appropriate operational management is in place either via your in-house IT team, our Managed Services team or a combination of both.

Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Workloads get deployed faster, performance and availability increases and operations become automated, resulting in IT that’s simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate. Additional benefits include:

  •    Reduce capital and operating costs
  •    Minimize or eliminate downtime
  •    Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness
  •    Provision applications and resources faster
  •    Enable business continuity and disaster recovery
  •    Simplify data center management
  •    Build a true Software-Defined Data Center

Server Virtualization

Most servers operate at less than 15 percent of capacity, leading to server sprawl and complexity. Server virtualization addresses these inefficiencies by allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single physical server as virtual machines, each with access to the underlying server’s computing resources.

The next step is to aggregate a server cluster into a single consolidated resource – which improves overall efficiency and reduces cost. Server virtualization also enables faster workload deployment, increased application performance, and higher availability.

Desktop Virtualization

Deploying desktops as a managed service gives you the opportunity to respond quicker to changing needs and opportunities. You can reduce costs and increase service by quickly and easily delivering virtualized desktops and applications to branch offices, outsourced and offshore employees and mobile workers on iPad and Android tablets.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is the complete reproduction of a physical network in software. Applications run on the virtual network exactly the same as if on a physical network. Network virtualization presents logical networking devices and services—logical ports, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs and more—to connected workloads. Virtual networks offer the same features and guarantees of a physical network with the operational benefits and hardware independence of virtualization.


How d-PIT Solutions Server Virtualisation Benefits Your Business?
Cost Reduction (CAPEX)
Your IT infrastructure capital expenditure decreases as fewer servers are required to run your applications. With lower numbers of servers you will also have improved data centre capacity.
Reduced Operational Overheads (OPEX)
Virtualisation management tools reduce the amount of time your team needs to spend provisioning, configuring, monitoring and maintaining your servers thereby freeing up their time to focus on other business priorities.
Energy Efficiency

Reducing the number of servers and only using resources when/where you need can dramatically reduce your energy consumption leading to a ‘greener’ IT infrastructure. On average, a single server has the same Carbon footprint as a small car so reducing this footprint is becoming more and more important.

Improved Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Virtual machines can be quickly migrated between physical servers, allowing maintenance on the server without disruption of service. In addition, if a physical server fails, its virtual machines can ‘fail over’ onto another system. Virtual machines can be easily replicated to a ‘hot’ site.
Improved Performance
Workloads can be balanced across your entire IT infrastructure, scaling up and down resources, as required by your applications.
Dynamic Infrastructure
Easily scales up and scales down to meet business needs.




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